Do you know where did the game of golf originate? Well, Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh, Scotland holds its place in history, as it was here that the first game of golf was played. Soon, golf caught the imagination of people all across the world. Countries like Ireland, USA instantaneously taken to golf as a popular sport.

The PGA Championship, which Tiger Woods has almost made his own, was first held in 1916. The venue then was the Siwanoy Country Club, Bronxville, New York. Jim Barnes, the Englishmen was credited with the first PGA Victory. You must be thinking that Tiger Woods would have been the player to win the PGA championships most number of times! But really, it is Walter Hagen, who has won the championships 5 times and Gene Sarazen who has followed it up with 3 wins. In all this, Tiger Woods has won 2 championships thus far.

The US Open Golf Tournament is equally as prestigious as the PGA Championships, if not more. The first edition was held at the Newport Golf and Country Club, which also saw the first champion of the championship being crowned. The crown then went to Horace Rawlins from England. This tourney is held in the month of June every year.

The British Open is another of the tournaments that is very popular with professionals and amateurs. Unlike some of the other acclaimed tourneys, it is believed that people play the British Open solely with the objective of enjoying the game. With that being said, it must be noted that the circuit here is tough and so is the weather.

Conceptualized by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, the Masters Tournament was first played in March, 1934. Tiger Woods has the credential of being the youngest player on this tour with Jack Nicklaus getting the oldest player on the circuit here. He also has the tag of the player with most number of wins.

Golfing really started as a pastime for some individuals. But with time, it has gone on to become something that people look forward to year after year. Golf has really gone on to become more of a people’s sport over the years.

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