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Best Golf Experience (TM)

Best Golf Experience is a branding business opportunity in a multi-billion dollar industry. When it comes to golf there are two kinds of courses; those you play for the convenience, and the courses you truly seek out.



Best Golf Experience represents those courses built for seekers. Best Golf Experience is offered to operating golf and country clubs for use on site providing access to the Best Golf Experience website and promoting online reservations and use of club facilities. Arranging, organizing and conducting golf trips, namely, ticket reservation and booking services for recreational, leisure and entertainment events in the nature of golf country clubs and use of related golf facilities is the business opportunity of Best Golf Experience.


Best Golf Experience will develop community based events including celebrity golf events and outings at Best Golf Experience golf and country clubs which will be sponsored by Best Golf Experience player groups. Whether you are planning a breakfast meeting before your golf outing, an all-day conference, a post-round lunch meeting, or a black-tie event, Best Golf Experience can accommodate your needs. Best Golf Experience will provide you with an exceptional event and will assist you with specific details and needs to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Best Golf Experience will be offered to individuals and golf and country clubs as the branded name for on-site golf equipment, supplies, apparel, coaching, training and event management. Best Golf Experience is business opportunity for people many backgrounds. Team golf pros will be working with the kids, teenagers, senior citizens, and all the people in the communities, and provide lessons, camps, fundraisers, and other activities promoting the game of golf and the country club. The customer base is just about everybody.


Best Golf Experience will be offered as an exclusive distributorship in its Territory (as hereinafter defined) to utilize the Registered Service Mark of Best Golf Experience and to utilize the expertise of Best Golf Experience. Best Golf Experience is willing to grant such distributorships to DISTRIBUTORS upon the terms and conditions hereinafter defined.


The Market: The National Golf Foundation estimates over 100-million played golf (on-course or off-course), watched the sport on television or read about it in 2018 in the United States. More an 1/3 of this number played on a course or participated in off-course golf activities at places like driving ranges, indoor golf simulators or golf entertainment venues like Topgolf and Drive Shack.

Weather plays an important role in the number of rounds played by golfers but about 500-million rounds were played averaging five per player. Historically golf has been dominated by men and Best Golf Experience will open new doors for participation by women as players and in the social and business side of golf and country clubs.

Bucking the national trend, some club membership has grown in recent years, allowing investment in facilities, refurbishment to the bar, lounge, restaurant and kitchen, as well as a driving range. Club location close to town centers and destinations can make clubs a popular venue for food and drink, to complement a Best Golf Experience golf course. New players exceeded 2-million and younger players are a growing market as golf enjoys new levels of diversity and participation by women.