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Aircraft Description:

The Citation V is the workhorse of our fleet. Perfect for Midwest and East coast trips, the reliability of our Citation Vʼs is unmatched making it the most dependable choice for your travel. This airplaneʼs double club configuration easily allows for meetings to be conducted during the flight maximizing your travel time.

  • Aircraft Details

  • Speed: 445 mph

  • Range: 1850 statute miles

  • Seating: 8 Passenger

Flight Information

     Our goal is to provide exceptional service at a reasonable cost. Tight cost controls and personal service helps us build the business as well as our reputation.

We can offer you eight corporate jets, which are all based at DuPage. They range from a CJ-1 to a Citation Sovereign, which has expands our international capability.

Our stable and experienced management staff has established procedures, which have helped produce a great record of dispatch reliability and safety. Our carrier has never had an accident or incident. We have a history of satisfied owners. Two aircraft owners have been with us for over 15 years and one for over ten years.

DuPage airport is the best corporate base in the Chicago area. It has long runways,multiple ILS approaches and is not subject to the delays often experienced at other Chicago airports. However, we serve all airports in the Chicago area and often originate trips from them all. Please view the links below for more information or to contact us to book a charter for your next business or pleasure trip.


Send us message with the location of your departure (Chicago) your destination (Augusta) with the dates, number of passengers and your mission (The Masters.)